5 Star Pad Cleaner

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5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner 

Ein Spray speziell für die Reinigung von hochwertigen 5 Star Woll Pads oder gleichwertigen Produkten. Wirkt gegen Schweißrückstände oder Haare.

Vor Verwendung die Haare ausbürsten. 

PH Neutral Saddle Pad Cleaner - safe for your 100% PURE wool saddle pads!

Inhalt: 709ML 


Superior cleaning for wool and other types of saddle pads. Breaks down and softens the tough crust, sweat, grime and hair. Use regularly to improve the look, smell and feel of your pad while extending its useful life. Works on horse blankets, tack, carpets, clothing, boots, and even cleans your truck and trailer.

Instructions for use:

Surface Cleaning: Remove excess hair with a 5 star sponge or a rubber curry comb. Thoroughly wet your 5 Star Saddle Pad with warm water. Spray cleaner directly on underside of saddle pad until completely wet. Allow to set up to 30 minutes then brush crust & hair away before rinsing well with a water hose using gentle water pressure (do not use pressure washer).

Continue to rinse from the middle toward the outside edges until water runs clear. Repeat as needed. Deep Cleaning: Mix 6-8 oz. of concentrate per one gallon of warm water. Submerge the saddle pad and allow it to soak overnight

(8-10 hours). Agitate periodically to work solution into pad fibers. Rinse under gentle water pressure. Allow to air dry. Always spot test first on a small, inconspicuous area if being used on a sensitive fabric or surface. 

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